Alt Rock
About This Project

Edmonton, AB


While drawing upon influential touchstones of 90s music, from punk, to sludge, to Riot Grrl, and the bands of the Pacific Northwest, the Edmonton three-piece Banshee have made something all their own. With their music they attempt to understand and navigate power, gender, relationships, and privilege. The bandmates Jackie Nuc (bass), Reinhold Holtzmann (guitar), and Stacey Hyde (drums) are all passionate activists fighting amongst the front lines to address marginalization of women, queer, non-binary, and trans communities in the local music scene, and have been instrumental in making Edmonton’s Not Enough Fest a reality. With their punk shrieks and pounding introspective lyrics, Banshee has been picking up steam, sharing the stage with a variety of bands such as White Lung and Shooting Guns, and we don’t expect to see them slowing down any time soon.