Crystal Eyes

2017, Garage Rock, Sunday
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Red Hot Gospel w/ Crystal Eyes, Pyramid//Indigo, Carbolizer

Sunday, October 8, 2017

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Calgary, AB

Calgary’s Crystal Eyes was spawned in “guerilla jams” in cities across Canada, ranging from Tofino to Halifax where they created part shoegaze part garage rock influenced dream pop. Envision a middle ground between Guided by Voices and Francoise Hardy — somewhere in the middle you’ll find the melancholy dream pop of Crystal Eyes.

After returning to Calgary, the band recruited Chris Dadge (Lab Coast) to record and play bass for their first EP, ‘No Man is an Island’ which was released by Victoria’s Shake! records. Samantha Savage Smith joined the band on guitar in 2015.Since their album release, they immediately embarked on tour, hitting Shake-O-Rama on the West Coast and, later in the summer, went east to POP Montréal, among other dates in several cities. You can catch Crystal Eye’s brand of shoegaze/dream-pop at UP+DT 17.