Dragon Fli Empire

Hip Hop
About This Project

Calgary, AB

Talk about smooth, lyrical vibes. Dragon Fli Empire is sure to get your head bobbing with their soft yet powerful beats. Their breakout song, “Mount Pleasant”, led the duo to the beginnings of success back in 2002. Straight out of Calgary, Dragon Fli Empire has proved that they are a force to be reckoned with in the hip hop scene. Playing in festivals such as Calgary Folk Fest, Sled Island, Shambhala, and Warped Tour has certainly allowed for the rhythmic pair to make a name for themselves. It is no coincidence that Dragon Fli Empire was nominated for Best Hip Hop Album during the Western Canadian Music Awards in 2009. Their five albums, from oldest to most recent, are: Conquest (2004), Invasion! (2005), Intermission (2008), Redefine (2009), and Mission Statement (2013). With a band who has had the chance to travel the world, including France, Switzerland, and Germany, we couldn’t be more humbled for Dragon Fli Empire to be performing at UP+DT Festival.