Dri Hiev

Experimental Rock
About This Project

Calgary, AB


Calgary’s Dri Hiev mix aggressive, angular noise into shoegazing washes of static, creating brutalist sonic soundscapes from guitar, bass, drums, vocals and noise. Three of the four members (Dan Auger, Carter Crough, and Kyle Crough) originally played in Bloody Circuits from Grande Prairie, but upon relocating to Calgary they recruited Igor Gvozdenovic and became Dri Hiev. Specializing in disorienting music with one foot in modern electronic music, and one foot in aggressive punk rock, they make any venue they play sound like a post-apocalyptic dystopia that you won’t want to break away from. Their new EP Contravirtual was released in 2015 through Shake! Records and Bunghole Records, and you can check them out at UP+DT 2016!