Dub Vulture

2017, Dub, Friday
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Sister Nancy w/ DJ Mossman, Dub Vulture, Nick Degree

Friday, October 6, 2017

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Edmonton, AB

Dub Vulture was formed in 2006 out of a loop station, some echo and delay pedals and a passion for all things King Tubby. The membership has morphed over the years – including members such as Mike Silverman (Old Reliable, Naked and the Dead), Amy Van Keeken (The Secretaries, Awesome Hots), Brahm “Ranking B” Ollivierre (Sunset 6), among others – but they consistently brew up chunky guitar atmospherics, funky organ breaks and throbbing basslines. It is dub reggae at its most primitive. The band is currently comprised of Tim Balash, Brian Golightly on drums, Duncan Turner on bass, John Blerot on keys, and most recent addition guitarist Gavin Dunn.