Eamon McGrath

2017, Indie Rock, Sunday
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Highest Order w/ Eamon McGrath, CHAM, Birds Bear Arms

Sunday, October 8, 2017

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Toronto, ON

Eamon McGrath has some serious cred under his belt: over 300 songs written and recorded, 100,000+ kilometers of highway, railroad, and sky behind him, and a body of work that would rival that of any artist 15 years his senior. With a fierce DIY attitude, McGrath continues to carve out a voice that lands itself somewhere between punk rock, country, folk, and rock and roll. This Edmonton expat’s style is constantly changing – from sweaty, bombastic, garage rock, to quiet, intimate country – all in the span of a single show. Taking him to locations as geographically diverse as Reykjavik, Palma de Majorca, Warsaw, and everywhere in between, McGrath and his guitar represent a new dawn of singer-songwriting that’s injected with the raw, fierce energy of punk rock: a passionate commitment to your craft and a blind and zealous determination to your vision, wrapped in a sonic texture as rough as the road itself.