Funkford & Sons

2018, Funk, Saturday
About This Project

Edmonton, AB

There is enough twang going around, it’s time to bring back the groove. Funkford and Sons is Alberta’s newest premier funk band, and the most danceable live act to grace Edmonton in recent memory. These guys have scoured their dad’s basements and dusty neighbourhood record stores for the most gorgeous grooves. They know the hits, every tailing horn line, every snare hit, and every thinly veiled sexual reference from every funk song in the cannon. But what truly separates Funkford and Sons from the rest is their carefully curated repertoire, featuring the dirtiest funk and funky soul ever put to record. These are both the grooves you have heard, the bass lines and refrains that have sound tracked your most vigorous nights on the town, but also the deep cuts, the tracks that you didn’t know you knew, but your hips greet like a former lover.