2017, Friday, Indie Pop
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U.S. Girls w/ Tei Shi, HILL, Lyra Brown, ggoolldd, Dizzy

Friday, October 6, 2017

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Milwaukee, USA

Formed on whim, GGOOLLDD played their first show together mostly as an excuse to host a killer party. Three and a half years ago, Margaret Butler decided to throw an incredible Halloween bash, and in the end ended up catapulting herself into the role of frontwoman for GGOOLLDD. Now, alongside drummer Mark Stewart, synthmaker Nicholas Schubert, and bassist Nicholas Ziemann, the band continues to churn our soaring bangers that “conjure wind-in-your-hair glittery romanticism.” Inspired in equal parts by the shimmery decadence of Queen, the primal yowl of Black Sabbath, and the madcap joy of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, there is no doubt GGOOLLDD is an electropop force not to be missed.