Julie & The Wrong Guys

2017, Indie Rock, Saturday
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Black Mastiff w/ Here Lies Man, Julie & The Wrong Guys, Basic Instinct

Saturday, October 7, 2017

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Toronto, ON

Julie & The Wrong Guys serves up a touch of folk, indie rock, punk rock, grunge, and metal, simultaneously filtered through a distinctly Canadian lens. Together their music channeling the vast geography, diverse climate and barren emptiness of the country into a cohesive, exciting musical sound.


Back in 2011 Doiron enlisted Mike Petersand Jaye Schwarzer—known best for their long-time tenure in Cancer Bats, reigning kings of Canadian metal and hardcore—to fill in some shows on drums and bass, inviting country-meets-punk troubadour Eamon McGrath to round out the sound on fuzzed-out guitar. The ferocity of the bass tones and sweaty guitar solos are perfectly balanced by Doiron’s emotional melodies that unite the spirit of punk rock with the delicate beauties of songwriting.