Molten Lava

2017, Friday, Metal
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Molten Lava w/ Gary Debussy, Pet Blessings, Hashteroid

Friday, October 6, 2017

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Vancouver, BC

Molten Lava makes a hell of a lot of noise with only a drum kit and a bass guitar. The two members of Molten Lava, Tristan Helgason and Liam Bryant, have been writing music together for seven years, all while being separated by time and distance (one member lived in Vancouver, while the other lived in Regina). In that time, the duo released two albums, Sevens and Nines (2009) and Heavy Party (2012), progressing their stripped-down brand of thrash from doom and thrash to rock, punk, acoustic, hardcore and just about everything in between. With Helgason’s recent move to Vancouver, Molten Lava is ready to get their show back on the road, and we’re stoked to have UP+DT as one of their stops.