Moving Bodies

2018, Rock, Saturday
About This Project

Edmonton, AB

Moving Bodies are Jon Lovell(guitar/Vox), Terence Sagan(Bass/Vox), and Orion Schille(Drums). They are a rock power trio from Edmonton, Alberta. Their sound evolved from the need to write interesting songs that don’t fit the cookie cutter mold of conventional rock. Borrowing from elements of country music, punk rock, folk/americana, psychedelic rock, and metal, Moving Bodies dig in to whichever style will serve the song best. Love, politics, mythology, whatever the subject, they present each song with originality and rock energy. They released their debut album, “Lifestyle Choices”, at the end of 2017 and a few months later were the #1 played album on their local independent radio CJSR. Moving Bodies are quickly becoming known for their dynamic performances and diverse blend of music styles.