No More Moments

2017, Hardcore, Saturday
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Agent Orange w/ Flatfoot 56, Get Dead, Vibes, No More Moments

Saturday, October 7, 2017

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Siksika Nation, AB

Hard, fast and unapologetic. Three words that come to mind when experiencing the raucous flavor of punk that No More Moments slams into you over the course of one of their relentless sets. Formed back in 2009, the members say starting a band was a way for them to pass their time, particularly since they weren’t into the “popular” activities, such as hockey, powwow, or hand drumming. Since then, the quartet from Siksika Nation, Alberta has overcome numerous obstacles, becoming one of the most entertaining, humble and respected punk bands in the province. While promoting a message of positivity and unity among the indigenous community, they have gone on to conquer stages across Western Canada, sharing the stage with the likes of D.O.A. and SNFU. The first full-length album Still Going was released last December.