2017, Hardcore, Saturday
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Agent Orange w/ Flatfoot 56, Get Dead, Vibes, No More Moments, Rebuild/Repair

Saturday, October 7, 2017

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Edmonton, AB

Mix together the raw energy of Black Flag with the crushing doom of Black Sabbath, and you get Rebuild/Repair. Described as “an intense amalgamation of Doom/Sludge Metal and 80’s Hardcore Punk”, Rebuild/Repair are part punk, part metal, and all heart. Since their inaugural show in November of 2011, Rebuild/Repair has built a loyal following, with airtime on the Podcast, The Grind, and features in Vue and Absolute Underground. Since then, the trio has opened for Off With Their Heads (Epitaph), and released their third E.P., “Arson Awareness Day”. Whether it’s a pig roast or a punk club, R/R plays to win, every time!