Samantha Savage Smith

Alt Rock
About This Project

Calgary, AB

Calgary has been known to foster quite a bit of talent, which is evident with Samantha Savage Smith. A singer, songwriter, and guitarist, this triple threat is known for her timeless music which inspires feelings of nostalgia and familiarity. Samantha’s debut album, Tough Cookie, was released in 2011. It received rave reviews, due largely in part to her unique voice, and was given the title of “Best of 2011” from FFWD Weekly, Calgary Herald, Vancouver Sun, and Saskatoon Star-Phoenix. In the more recent years, Samantha released her second album, titled Fine Lines, at the beginning of 2015. Fine Lines is much more vocal-heavy than Tough Cookie, as we observe Samantha refine her style. Like all music, there are ebbs and flows – as an audience, we are fortunate to grow and learn with artists. We are thrilled to have Samantha Savage Smith back in Edmonton for UP+DT Festival!