Sister Nancy

2017, Friday, Reggae/Dancehall
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Sister Nancy w/ DJ Mossman, Dub Vulture, Nick Degree

Friday, October 6, 2017

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Kingston, Jamaica

Sister Nancy kicked off her career as a dancehall DJ and singer in Jamaica in the 1980s, a time when female artists were scarcely found in the scene. She is cited as the first female reggae artist to tour internationally, with her songs regularly referencing her pioneering status. Although she never achieved the kind of crossover household recognition like other artists such as Bob Marley or Peter Tosh, her single “Bam Bam” has undoubtedly been cemented into the popular consciousness (being lauded as 2016’s Song of the Summer by The New Yorker). With two albums to her name, Sister Nancy is cited as a role model for a successive generation of female acts, including Lady Saw, Sister Carol, Macka Diamond, Lady G, Shelly Thunder, Carla Marshall, Lorna G, Lady English, and Lady P.