Worst Days Down

Punk Rock
About This Project

Edmonton, AB

Worst Days Down, the punk rock outfit from Edmonton, started as a solo acoustic project by guitarist/vocalist Ben Sir. Since then, the group has changed into a full band comprised of notable members of other Edmonton acts, including Fire Next Time, Audio/Rocketry, Desiderata, and Etown Beatdown (Jerome Tovillo on drums, Kevin Klemp on guitar, and Matt Murphy on bass). The group released their debut album, “Money, God and Other Drugs”, in 2013, taking them on the road throughout Canada, the US, Mexico, and Central America.

In their few short months together Worst Days Down was selected to be a featured band on Telus TV’s new music series ‘Secret Setlist,’ they recorded a debut 7″ due out in the early fall, and shared the stage and road with bands and artists such as The Flatliners, Chuck Ragan, A Wilhelm Scream, Joey Cape, Dave Hause, Northcote and Russ Rankin.